Cost-Effective WRF Mesoscale Modeling

Mesoscale modeling tool for Wind Resource Assessment

A new trend of the wind industry is to use mesoscale techniques to identify sites, but also to perform long-term correlation with on-site masts and run wind power forecasts on operating wind farms. In the past few years, a number of mesoscale data providers have entered the market to provide clients with simulated historical data or wind maps at any location.


This technology has now been developed as a software product, called the ZephyWDG (Zephy Wind Data Generator).


This user-friendly tool can now be used in-house by wind energy engineers who are given the ability to tune the model (computation resolution, roughness length, simulation heights) according to their own requirements.


Moreover, as wind farm development information are more and more confidential -especially during the very sensitive stage of site prospection- this tool enables them treating their existing or upcoming assets with the highest regard to confidentiality without sharing information with third party companies.

Virtual met masts everywhere

  • High resolution WRF mesoscale generated data
  • Wind data exported at any location, any height
  • Up to 35 years of hourly wind data
  • Data validated against real masts worldwide
  • Temperature and pressure also available

Run in-house your own mesoscale calculations

  • High resolution wind & solar maps
  • Site selection and ranking
  • Inputs for MCP long term adjustment
  • Inputs for Extreme wind speed (IEC standards)

Technical Note & Validation Papers

Technical Note ZephyWDG v2.x
Document Adobe Acrobat [1.0 MB]
La Compagnie du Vent GDF-Suez
Validation n°1_Wind Data Generator (WDG)[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [658.4 KB]
La Compagnie du Vent GDF-Suez
Validation n°2_Wind Data Generator (WDG)[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [689.3 KB]
Barlovento Recursos
Barlovento_Validation of the Wind Data G[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [585.6 KB]
Ecoren Energy (EWEA 2013, Vienna)
Coupling Mesoscale with CFD modeling_Fin[...]
Document Adobe Acrobat [588.4 KB]
Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
Consultancy Sponsor


"I know the benefits of using ZephyCFD and I really think that is a great tool and offers many benefits compared with other CFD solutions."

Jon López de Maturana Echevarría,

Suzlon Wind Energy, 2015

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