ZephyACADEMIA Program (ZAP)

An increasing global emphasis on innovation in academic institutions calls for greater cooperation between higher education institutions and industry leading companies, partners with different missions and cultures.

Project-based learning is a widely recognized and effective teaching approach for students of all abilities. Project-based learning also develops higher-order inquiry and problem-solving skills and helps students gain a greater and deeper understanding of scientific and mathematical principles in an applied manner. The competitive elements of some project-based learning activities also provide an important additional dimension to teaching and learning. Within the correct context, competition engages and motivates students and drives innovation, a vital requirement for any engineer or product designer.


ZephyTOOLS® Software, Training and Support to Academic Institutions


Zephy-Science partners with academic institutions to address workforce and education gaps.

The ZephyTOOLS® Academic Program (ZAP) provides software, training and support to universities and research institutes to improve their ability to develop top-notch engineers and technologists for the renewable energy industry.

The ZephyTOOLS® Academic Program aims at becoming the most comprehensive of its kind, serving thousands of students all over the globe.

ZephyTOOLS® software is licensed under the GPL-3 License. This unique software in the renewable energy industry will be offered to academic institutions and can be used at every academic level – from undergraduate engineering levels to postdoctoral research programs.

 ZephyTOOLS®  is a full-featured platform suited for wind resource assessment, wind flow modeling, wind & site engineering, wind turbine technology, wind turbine manufacturing & design, and wind project development.


Academic Resources for Higher Education Institutions, Universities & Research Institutes

ZephyTOOLS® Academic Program provides its member with:

  • Free ZephyTOOLS® user activation
  • Real-world academic projects competition
  • Free instructor-led training and support
  • Free online forum and tutorials

Building an Open Innovation crowdsourcing platform

Program members will be connected to a virtual space platform where Zephy-Science set challenges to be solved by professors and their students, creating a knowledge alliance and stimulating innovation by bringing together leading industry players and academic institutions.

The program will enhance the role of academic institutions as first choice to Zephy-Science search for innovation, and promotes the active exchange of knowledge between higher education and wind energy industry leading to a long -term development in both of them.


Contact us to apply for the ZephyACADEMIA Program.

Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
Consultancy Sponsor


"I know the benefits of using ZephyCFD and I really think that is a great tool and offers many benefits compared with other CFD solutions."

Jon López de Maturana Echevarría,

Suzlon Wind Energy, 2015

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