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Zephy-Science is MeteoPole's research, devevolopment and training center.


Zephy-Science puts together software tools covering all the different phases of a wind power project development : from site selection to final micrositing and bankable energy yield assessment.


It is specialized in developing numerical tools for designing the next generation of “smart wind farms” as well as optimizing existing wind farms. 

Zephy-Science core technologies are Computational Wind Engineering (Mesoscale WRF and CFD OpenFOAM Wind Modeling), Advanced Wind Resource Assessment, Energy Yield Prediction & Analysis, Power Forecasting, Condition Monitoring, Power Performance Monitoring & Optimization. 

The company mainly focuses on its wind farm design toolbox called ZephyTOOLS®


Zephy-Science keeps on developing its platform based on all the available open-source numerical tools that can be used by wind energy assessors to better handle their wind farm assets throughout the entire project life-cycle.


The platform is designed to address the following requirements of wind industry stakeholders:

  • Investors Reducing Risks Before Decision-Making
  • Technology Providers Designing Better Products, Faster
  • Project Developers Designing More Efficient Assets
  • Project Owners Increasing Annual Revenues
  • Project Owners Extending Assets Lifetime
  • Wind Analysts Achieving Increased Proven Bankability through Assessments Transparency, Calculations Scalability and Results Reproducibility
  • Project Finance Reducing write offs
  • Projects Finance Increasing Profitability & Increasing volume through Lower Bank Capital Requirements
  • Reduced Cost of Wind Energy (Quantitatively).

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Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
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"I know the benefits of using ZephyCFD and I really think that is a great tool and offers many benefits compared with other CFD solutions."

Jon López de Maturana Echevarría,

Suzlon Wind Energy, 2015

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