Wind Iris, Turbine-mounted Lidar 

MeteoPole is a respected and trusted “boutique consulting firm” providing the next generation of wind power technology with a consistent focus on return on investment and profitability for clients. 

After project commissioning, we help our clients in optimizing the power performance of operating wind farms by using cutting-edge technologies such as nacelle-mounted LiDAR combined with CFD to reduce energy losses.

Power Performance Optimization using LiDAR technology (Karim Fahssis, Wind IPP summit 2014, Goa, India)

Power Performance Optimization using LiDAR technology : India Pilot Project Results (Karim Fahssis, Wind IPP summit 2015, New Delhi, India)

The Wind Iris is mounted on top of the nacelle for a short period of time. It measures the horizontal wind speed and direction at hub height ahead of the turbine, and generates accurate data to optimize wind turbine performance.

The Wind Iris is dedicated to rapidly optimizing wind farms, turbine after turbine by detecting and correcting under-performances, leading to a quick return on investment on a wind farm scale.


Key Features

  • Comprehensive hub-height and rotor equivalent measurements for in-depth analysis on all terrain types
  • Constant accuracy from 50 to 400+ meters, suitable for all turbine sizes and types
  • Straightforward installation with lightweight system parts and embedded screen for configuration
  • Proven platform benefiting from 4 years of customer feedback and 200+ turbine deployments experience
  • Easy to mount and unmount on any turbine
  • Complete range of supporting services, from installation to data analysis training and tools
  • Does not need a calibration
  • 100% uptime and high data availability
  • No data processing



  • Power curve measurements

Assess turbine performance with IEC equivalent or Operational power curves using an industry proven procedure, and evaluate the benefits

of maintenance actions and performance upgrades with before/after power curves.

  • Yaw misalignment correction

Increase energy production with a direct, independent and automated measure of the yaw misalignment in a few days.

  • Nacelle transfer function characterization

Obtain an accurate site specific calibration for your nacelle anemometer and improve the value of your SCADA monitoring.

  • Advanced applications

Including site calibration, wind sector management or wakes analysis.

  • Feedforward turbine control

Wind Iris fully characterize the incoming wind field, measure its turbulences, the shears and capture extreme events like gusts and wind direction changes within the necessary preview time. By incorporating those information into the turbine controller, informed and sound actions can be made in order to reduce fatigue and extreme loads on critical components, and increase the potential power extracted from the wind.

These loads reduction benefits can be placed in designing larger wind turbines to increase the Annual Energy Production, saving CAPEX by designing lighter wind turbines, and OPEX by increasing components lifetime and reducing O&M costs.

Project Showcase : Surajbari Windfarm (India) - Continuum Energy

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