Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is a key aspect of any wind farm assessment, as it is going to highlight and red flag all the key technical components of the Contracts (TSA, EPC, O&M & PPA), Technical specifications of the WTG and Project Schedule. This technical due diligence is necessary as it would inform the Developer / Lender on the key risks areas of the wind farm development. MeteoPole’s technical due diligence team carries an extensive competency and expertise to carry out a detailed technical due diligence of a wind farm during various stages of its development i.e. right from technical evaluation of the proposed WTGs till witnessing the commissioning and WTGs reliability test runs.


The key areas of Technical Due Diligence are as below:

  • Technical comparison and evaluation of the proposed WTGs
  • Global track record of the WTG Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Factory visit to carry out assessment on the quality control and procedures of the production of the WTG components and assembly. (Optional)
  • Technical review of the key contracts i.e. Turbine Supply Agreement (TSA), EPC, O&M and PPA
  • Detailed review of the Project Schedule
  • Technical review of the civil and electrical drawings of the BOP (i.e. WTG foundation, feeder lines etc)
  • Review of the Pooling Sub-Station, Transmission Line
  • Assessment of site strategies and programmes
  • Assessment of the SCADA
  • Assessment of Permits & Licenses and Land status
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