Owner’s / Lender’s Engineers

  • Technical comparison and evaluation of the proposed WTGs
  • Factory visit to carry out assessment on the quality control and procedures of the production of the WTG components and assembly. (Optional)
  • Global track record of the WTG Manufacturer (OEM)
  • Energy Yield Assessment Report
    • Review of the existing 3rd party Energy Yield Report
      • Site Visit to verify the on-site met mast(s), topography.
      • Energy Yield methodology and analysis
      • Turbine site suitability analysis
      • Independent bank-grade Energy Yield Report (to be carried out by MeteoPole)
      • Site Visit to verify the on-site met mast(s), topography.
      • Wind data analysis of on-site met mast(s)
      • Measure Correlate and Predict (MCP Analysis)
      • Gradient Analysis (to determine the terrain of the wind farm site)
      • Wind Resource – Model running (Linear / CFD model depending on the results of the RIX analysis)
      • Energy Yield Estimates
      • Uncertainty Analysis
      • Reliable predictions of P90, P95 and P99 values
      • Turbine site suitability analysis (wind regime at mast(s) location and WTG locations)
      • Wake Induced Turbulence Intensity Calculations
    • Technical review of the key contracts i.e. Turbine Supply Agreement (TSA), EPC, O&M and PPA
      • Detailed review of the Project Schedule
      • Technical review of the civil and electrical drawings of the BOP (i.e. WTG foundation, feeder lines etc)
      • Review of the Pooling Sub-Station, Transmission Line
      • Assessment of site strategies and programmes
      • Assessment of the SCADA
      • Assessment of Permits & Licenses and Land status
      • Project Management through periodic site visits for Construction Monitoring
  • Witnessing the commissioning of the wind farm & WTG reliability test runs
  • Witnessing the Power Curve Tests
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