Bankable & Profitable Renewable Energy

Our Mission

MeteoPole is committed to propose to its clients the most cost effective, reliable and comprehensive technology packages. 


MeteoPole wants to continuously support the global development of renewables.


Our mission before wind projects financial closure

Before financial closure, we work closely with our clients on each and every stage of their project development to reduce all the uncertainties that are under control so that we help in building more bankable projects with higher financial returns. This can be done through consulting services, software and training program as well as LiDAR measurements.


Our mission after wind projects commissioning

After project commissioning, we help our clients in optimizing the power performance of operating wind turbines by using cutting-edge technologies like nacelle-mounted LiDAR to reduce energy losses.


Innovation is always at the heart of what we do!

Our Core Values

We are ONE

One team. No exceptions.

We are a group of strong and diverse individuals unified by a clear common purpose.


Our customers define us

We know our business flourishes or dies because of our customers.


MeteoPole is mine

We are all owners of MeteoPole.

We stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our work.


We are an open book

We are eager to teach and share what we know with others.


We evolve fast

We take risks and confront failure openly.

We recognize and repeat success aggressively.

We actively seek out and provide constructive criticism.


We are Ambitious Learners who Persevere!

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