It's all about experience

Close proximity to clients and market players

In times when accurate and bankable wind project assessments are more important than ever, MeteoPole comes as a fresh new breeze in the wind industry, with new products and services. Reliability, dedicated support and cost effectiveness makes Meteopole your ideal technology partner.


MeteoPole is the perfect platform for promoting wind power technologies. The top management team has been working very closely with wind industry leaders worlwide to provide a very comprehensive suite of solutions and is always commited to bring the highest quality standards to the wind power sector, especially in emerging markets.

Several international partnerships have already been signed and Meteopole experts are very familiar with the local business culture on all the markets where the company is developing activities.


MeteoPole performs extensive technical due diligence of all the products and services it promotes to ensure clients are always provided with quality.


MeteoPole provides standard trainings on all the products it promotes and can also perform dedicated trainings worldwide for companies willing to build their own technical workforce.


MeteoPole's commitment is to give the best expert support to its clients.


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